Monday, 19 June 2017

Review- house on Sagamore Road- Cary Marc Grossman

I received this book from the author, in exchanged for a honest review.

The House On Sagamore Road by Cary Marc Grossman
Released: January 18, 2017
Pages: 432
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Still recovering from the fire at Sagamore Road, and what she witnessed there, Robin Hanley’s daughter, Tess, is the one speaking to the ghost of Fryderyk Chopin now. Having inherited the abilities shared by her rock musician father and her witch stepmother, Tess must discover what started the long history of witches culminating in her family, and why they have the abilities they do. To accomplish this, she must delve back to pre-Dynastic Egypt, and the very first incarnation.
As Tess struggles to convince them that they might still be in danger, Robin and his wife, Suze, face the loss of a loved one and seek to counsel the troubled spirit of Suze’s cousin, Angie, an unwilling accomplice to the family secret.Desperate to carry on the archaeological research of Suze’s late father, Tess must find the only person capable of giving her the missing facts to discover the cause of the phenomenon before it returns to strike at them again.The second in Cary Marc Grossman’s three-part Chopin’s Family series, The House on Sagamore Road takes the reader back 26,000 years, to the birth of civilization.


The House on Sagamore, is the second book in this trilogy.  It has a interesting plot and it has has quite a few twists.   There were a couple of times when the story was slightly confusing, when the story would go back in time.  Though eventually , I got back on track.   The writing is quite descriptive and very well researched.

Most of the main characters we met in the first book Chopin's Ghost.   It was great to get to know Suze and Angie more.   I wasn't overly fond of Robin, he frustrated me for quite a while.  

Tess was a character we didn't have much of in the first book.   Tess was probably my favourite in this book.  While everyone believes that their problems are over, Tess believes that there is more to come.  She needs to convince the others, but she needs to discover how it all began.

It is quite a long book, and is packed full of information.  Generally I really enjoyed most of the book.  Though there were a few times it seemed to dragged on.  

Overall the characters were complex and fascinating.   A well written and researched story, with a interesting plot.   It left me feeling slightly confused in places but in the end very enjoyable.   I ended up giving it a 4/5.  

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