Monday, 25 January 2016

The Alchemyst(spoilers)

I have seen these around of years but never have the chance to pick it up.   This is the first book in the  secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel series.  It is written by Michael Scott.

Nicholas Flamel was born on 28 September 1330 in Paris.   He found the secret to external life from a book he protects - the book of Abraham the Mage.  When Dr John Dee steals the book, he plans on using it to destroy the world.  There is one chance, in a prophecy that involves twins Jos and Sophie Newman.

Now I enjoyed this book, it did not blow me away.  I actually first started to read this last year but got involved with other books more.  So I decided to start this one again.

Nick owns a bookshop where Josh works.  While Sophie works across the street in a cafe.   When a group of evil people, which includes Dr John Dee comes in to attack Nick and steal the book.  Dee ends up taking the book and Perenelle Flamel.   Luckily Josh holds on to two pages.  These pages are key, now Josh's life is in danger.

Nick, Sophie and Josh fled the city.  The twins feel that there is something Nick is not telling them.  There is a reason why he wants them to come with him.  They soon discover that there is a prophecy about twins.  That Nick believed it is about Josh and Sophie.   The prophecy states that there are twins which will either save or destroy the world.

While Dee allies himself with Bastet and the Morrigan,  Nick takes Josh and Sophie to Scathach and she helps get them to Hekate to awaken their magical powers.  Hekate awakens Sophie but before she can awaken Josh Dee, Baster and the Morrigan attack.  Hekate dies, but with the help of Perenelle (who is using magic from where they are keeping her) are able to get away.

They end up taking them to Scathach Grandma, the witch of Endor.  Who will help train Sophie.  They once again escape from Dee, but able to get away once more.

It is quite fast paced but it did not drag me in.   I do not know if I would have liked to more if I read it    when I was younger.  I enjoyed that they used current things like iPods as well as including historical references like the great fire of London and Alcatraz.  I also like how apart from Sophie and Josh the characters were based on a real person or figure.

I ended up giving this a 3.5/5

Have you read the Alchemyst? What did you think of it?


Monday, 18 January 2016

Attachments- Rainbow Rowell (spoilers)

Now this is my third Rainbow Rowell book that I have read.  While probably not my favourite book that she has written.  I thought this is still a fantastic first novel and I cannot wait to check out her other books.

Attachments follows three employees at the Courier newspaper.  Two friends Beth and Jennifer spends time emailing each other about their lives.  Who's emails are flagged by the companies security filter.  Lincoln is the IT guy task with going through the flagged emails, ensuring everyone is using them appropriately .  He knows he should send them a warning but instead finds himself reading them to past the time, from his boring job.

Lincoln finds himself interested, in their lives.  While he spends most of his social time with his mother or playing dungeons and dragons.  He finds solace from his life by reading their emails.

The more Lincoln reads the more he finds out about her, the stronger his feelings get.  How are they suppose to meet when he has spends months reading her emails while she has no idea who she is.   When Beth starts talking about her cute guy, you start to wonder whether they will ever meet.

I was really excited to find out the Lincoln was the cute guy.  It is filled with nearly meetings.  He meets many people close to Beth.  Never actually meeting.  

Overall I thought this book was adorable.  I was excited all the way, could not wait to find out what was going to happen next.  I gave it a 4.5/5.

Have you read attachments? What did you think?  Put down your thoughts below.


Friday, 15 January 2016

The copper gauntlet- (spoilers)

The copper gauntlet by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

The copper gauntlet is the second book in the magisterium series.  We join Callum Hunt and his friends Aaron and Tamara as they begin their Copper year at the Magisterium.  While it reminds me of Harry Potter it definitely becomes its own.  With a whole new magical world and many twists and turns, I definitely want to continue with the series.

In the first book the iron trial, we learn that Callum has the soul of Constantine Madden inside of him.  Callum spends a lot of his time deciding whether he is evil.  Making lists of what he has done, and whether an evil overlord would do that.  I thought it was great he did not suddenly become evil or anything, he is just a little confused and still deciding who he is.  Callum does not know who to trust, he is keeping a huge secret from his friends and father.  Callum soon discovers his father might know his secret and believes he is going to kill him.  By using the mysterious Alkahest,  which is luckily protected.

Callum sets off to the place he thinks he is safe, the magisterium.    He soon discovers the Alkahest has been stolen and everything points to his father.  Callum, Tamara, Aaron and begrudgingly Jasper set off to find him.  These four makes a great team, they all compliment each other and soon discover where Alastair hunt is taking the Alkahest and why he wants it.

Alastair is taking it to master Joseph, so they can get Constantine's soul back in his body and Call's back in his.  So the group race to stop him it is too late. After a fight the Alkahest is used against Constantine, so he can no longer return to his own body.  Unfortunately Master Joseph takes the Alkahest and runs away.

The group returns after a meeting with the assembly, they learn what happens and celebrate the end of Constatine.

I found the copper gauntlet a quick action packed read.  While I was a little creeped out about Call cutting off Constatine's head.  I still really enjoyed it and I cannot wait till the next one comes out (The Bronze Key) in August 2016.

I ended up giving this a 5/5.

Have you read the copper gauntlet?  What did you think? Share your thoughts below.


Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone

Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone has recently been released in a hardback book with full colour illustrations.  They are going to release one book a year.

Now this has been illustrated by the wonderful Jim Kay.  He has done a beautiful job.  It has been a couple of years since I last read Harry Potter and I loved reading this.  I love the world, the characters.  Every time I re-read I realise something else. From litte things the characters do or say,

Like Sirius Black being mentioned in the first chapter, scabbers biting Goyle on the Hogwarts express. Fred and George enchanting snowball to hit the back of Quirrell's turban.  

Love it when I first read it, love it now.  Love the illustrations.  I cannot wait for the rest of the series to be released.

What about you guys.  Have you read Harry Potter recently? How you gotten a chance to read this yet?  Let us know your thoughts down below.


Sunday, 3 January 2016

TBR- January 2016

Well it is the new year now.  I hope you all had a great holiday.  Right now I thought I would share what I am planning to read this month.

    The Wise Man's Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicles #2)- Patrick Rothfuss
    Thief's Magic (Millennium's Rule #1)- Trudi Canavan

I have set my reading goal to 50 for the next year.

What are you going to read this month? Have you set a reading goal? Let us know down below.


Saturday, 2 January 2016

December Wrap-up

Wow it is 2016 already.  I hope you all are having a safe and happy holiday this year.  Now to the wrap-up, from my TBR I ended up finishing off the circle but did not start outlander.  If you wanted to look at my december tbr

Unenchanted (An Unfortunate Fairytale #1)- Chanda Hahn- 4/5
A fate Of Dragons (Sorcerer's Ring #3)- Morgan Rice- 4/5
A Cry Of Honor (Sorcerer's Ring #4)- Morgan Rice- 4/5
Fairest (An Unfortunate Fairytale #2)- Chanda Hahn- 4/5
The Circle (Engelsfors #1)- Sara B. Elfgren & Mats Standsberg- 3.5/5
Harry Potter and the philosopher's Stone (Harry Potter #1)- J.K Rowling, Jim Kay(illustrator)- 5/5

So here are the books I read this month and the ratings I gave them.
What did you read in December? Any favourites? Let us know down below.