Sunday, 17 July 2016

The Rose Society- Marie Lu (Spoilers)

The Rose Society by Marie Lu
Released: October 13, 2015
Pages: 395
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While I enjoyed The Young Elites, Marie Lu raised the bar with The Rose Society. I get really hooked to a revenge story.

I was not expecting is book to be as dark as it was and for it to be as different from The Young elites as it was.   In saying that I throughly enjoyed it.  I loved getting to know the characters we met in the young elites as well as the new characters we met in this one.

I have not read too many books with the POV of a anti hero.  That I can think of right away.   I am very intrigued at what Adalina will do next.    One of my favourite parts of this series has been Adalina.

Another great part was the new characters that we got to meet in the Rose Society.   Magiano who Adelina recruits to join her society.  I really enjoyed his character and I cannot wait to see what happens with him next.

One thing I did not enjoy was bringing Enzo back.   I was not a huge fan of his in The Young Elites.  I was not overly interested in him but was quite surprised when he died.  

While I definitely excited about Maeve in the Young Elites but by the end of the Rose society I was not overly fond of her.

In the end I thought it was a fantastic follow up the The Young Elites and gave it  4/5.  I am looking forward to the book in the series.

Have you read The Rose Society? What did you rate it? Let me know.


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