Sunday, 20 March 2016

Araknea- Jean Kaczmarek

I received this book free from the author in exchange for a honest review.

Araknea by Jean Kaczmarek
Released: August 17, 2015
Pages: 249
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Isis is a young Princess and Sorcerer,  as she is reaching the end of her apprenticeship takes on quest along with her mentor.  Follow the two as they embark on their mission.

The world was descriptive and gave me a sense of what was happening.  It is definitely fast-paced, with lots of action.

I had a number of problems with this book.  It took a while for me to get orientated.  Confusing their names and places while eventually getting the hang of it,  I still thought that distracted me from getting into the story straight away.

I was not overly attached to any character.  I enjoyed things they did or said.  Overall I no standout character.

Also was not invested in the story straight away.  At the beginning I felt confused at what was happening.  It was not until about halfway through, did it start making sense.

Once gotten use to everything I found that it was quite exciting and enjoyable.   In the end I gave this book a:

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