Thursday, 11 February 2016

All the bright places- Jennifer Niven

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
Released: January 6, 2015
Pages: 378
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All the bright places was written by Jennifer Niven.  I think this is a special book. It was heartbreaking and funny.   Seems like the perfect balance.

One day Theodore Finch and Violet Markey meet on the ledge of the bell tower.  Theodore wants to take his own life while Violet is grieving after her sisters death.  Finch ends up talking Violet off the ledge and through this they form a bond.   The two work together on a school project,  which is to "wander" their state.

Violet is counting down the days till graduation while Finch is counting his "awake" days.  They seem to be very different people.  They are both getting through their own things, trying to get through each day.

I loved Finch. He is a mix of funny, awkward, intelligent and caring.  While many did not get him and called him a "freak".   Tormenting him through the day,  he seems to brush it off.

Violet is suffering PTSD after losing her sister who was her best friend.  Slowly Finch helps her through, and ends up helping her open up to all the things she loved before.    Like writing on her webpage.

All the bright places was told in dual point of view.   From Finch's and Violet's perspective.  I nearly always enjoy multiple point of views.  Sometimes they do not add to the story but in this case it was wonderfully written and Niven does a fantastic job.

Many important issues are raised throughout the book.  Some which need to be brought up.  Abuse, bullying and suicide just to name a few.

This was a well written, complex and emotional book.   I thought it is a must read.
I ended up giving this a 5/5.

Have you read all the bright places?  What did you think?  Put your thoughts down below.


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