Saturday, 27 February 2016

A rite of swords (the Sorcerer's ring #7)(spoilers)

A rite of swords is the seventh book in the Sorcerer's Ring series.  The series is written by Morgan Rice.  Now I am getting really excited about the story.  It has a fantastic plot, I am enjoying the characters and loving the world.  It is great being able to keep up with each character, with Rice switching the perspective each chapter.

While there are a few problems, like editing and the fact it gets repetitive.   Throughout the series there have been many near fatal blows and at the last second be recused by a friend.  They are always being indebted to others.

I am getting annoyed with how the heroes are still trusting the Empire.   Time and time again they try to trust Andronicus and his men.  By either handing themselves over to ensure others are treated fairly or to give themselves a better position among the empire.    Each time they end up being doubled crossed.

At the moment thing do not look good for the Ring.  The destiny sword has fallen into the canyon.  Thor is being controlled by Andronicus and Kendrick, Erec and a group of their men are betrayed by King Mcgills brother.  In saying that they do not want to give up and are forming a plan.  Hopefully driving the Empire out of the Ring.

In saying that I am still really invested in what is going to happen next. Definitely going to keep reading this but there are still some problems.  In the end I gave it a:

What did you think about a rite of swords?  Did you enjoy?  Let us know down below.


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