Monday, 8 February 2016

A Charge of Valor(The Sorcerer's Ring #6)- (Spoilers)

The Sorcerer's Ring is a fantasy series written by Morgan Rice.   It follows Thorgin(Thor), a 14 year old boy who lives in a small town on the outskirts of the kingdom of the Ring.  He dreams of one day joining the Kings men to help protect the Ring.  When Thor comes of age to join the Kings Legion, and is forbidden form joining from his father.  Thor refuses to take no for an answer, and sets off for kings court.

Once he arrives and is able to join the Legion, Thor discovers that he possesses a mysterious power and a special destiny.  In Kings court there are other troubles,  King McGill needs to choose and heir from his children.  While the Destiny sword, which is the source of the power that keeps a barrier between them and the Empire on the other side of the canyon.

Previously, the Sword has been taken into the Empire and Andronicus and his million-man army are invading the ring.  Thor along with his friends are on a mission to retrieve the missing destiny Sword.  The group was being led by Thor's three older brothers.   The brother's who we learnt earlier are not related to Thor.  Have led them right into a middle of a trap.  They were never particularly trustworthy from the beginning, so I cannot say I was surprised by this.  What I was surprised with was them wanting to kill him. They always just seemed to not want him around, to be sent back home.   They fought the Empire enemy, but they did not leave unscathed.  The group lost one of their own.   One of the twins Conval, which was hard one them all.   Especially on Conven.

Gwendolyn slowly begins to come to terms with her attack.  To help protect her kingdom travels to a hidden tower of refuge.  She faces some trouble along the way.   She meets some thieves who eventually agree to take her to the tower in exchange for gold.

Many others in the ring began working together trying to stop Andronicus.   At times it looks like they are about to be defeated.   Luckily Thor and the rest of the group return to the Ring riding a dragon with Thor wielding the Destiny Sword.  They are able to stop the army in Silesia, and Thor discovers who his real father is.  Andronicus.

I found this series a really quick read.  I cannot put them down.  Definitely going to pick the rest of the series up.  They have action, adventure, fantasy, Knights, romance.  So if you are a fan of any of these I recommend you give these a try.

I am still a little confused at the layout of the world.  At times it's a little predictable.  While overall I felt the world could improve, I felt it did not distract from the story and characters.   I ended up giving it a 4/5.

What did you think about The Sorcerer's Ring?   Have you given it a read yet?  Let us know down below.


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