Friday, 15 January 2016

The copper gauntlet- (spoilers)

The copper gauntlet by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

The copper gauntlet is the second book in the magisterium series.  We join Callum Hunt and his friends Aaron and Tamara as they begin their Copper year at the Magisterium.  While it reminds me of Harry Potter it definitely becomes its own.  With a whole new magical world and many twists and turns, I definitely want to continue with the series.

In the first book the iron trial, we learn that Callum has the soul of Constantine Madden inside of him.  Callum spends a lot of his time deciding whether he is evil.  Making lists of what he has done, and whether an evil overlord would do that.  I thought it was great he did not suddenly become evil or anything, he is just a little confused and still deciding who he is.  Callum does not know who to trust, he is keeping a huge secret from his friends and father.  Callum soon discovers his father might know his secret and believes he is going to kill him.  By using the mysterious Alkahest,  which is luckily protected.

Callum sets off to the place he thinks he is safe, the magisterium.    He soon discovers the Alkahest has been stolen and everything points to his father.  Callum, Tamara, Aaron and begrudgingly Jasper set off to find him.  These four makes a great team, they all compliment each other and soon discover where Alastair hunt is taking the Alkahest and why he wants it.

Alastair is taking it to master Joseph, so they can get Constantine's soul back in his body and Call's back in his.  So the group race to stop him it is too late. After a fight the Alkahest is used against Constantine, so he can no longer return to his own body.  Unfortunately Master Joseph takes the Alkahest and runs away.

The group returns after a meeting with the assembly, they learn what happens and celebrate the end of Constatine.

I found the copper gauntlet a quick action packed read.  While I was a little creeped out about Call cutting off Constatine's head.  I still really enjoyed it and I cannot wait till the next one comes out (The Bronze Key) in August 2016.

I ended up giving this a 5/5.

Have you read the copper gauntlet?  What did you think? Share your thoughts below.


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