Monday, 25 January 2016

The Alchemyst(spoilers)

I have seen these around of years but never have the chance to pick it up.   This is the first book in the  secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel series.  It is written by Michael Scott.

Nicholas Flamel was born on 28 September 1330 in Paris.   He found the secret to external life from a book he protects - the book of Abraham the Mage.  When Dr John Dee steals the book, he plans on using it to destroy the world.  There is one chance, in a prophecy that involves twins Jos and Sophie Newman.

Now I enjoyed this book, it did not blow me away.  I actually first started to read this last year but got involved with other books more.  So I decided to start this one again.

Nick owns a bookshop where Josh works.  While Sophie works across the street in a cafe.   When a group of evil people, which includes Dr John Dee comes in to attack Nick and steal the book.  Dee ends up taking the book and Perenelle Flamel.   Luckily Josh holds on to two pages.  These pages are key, now Josh's life is in danger.

Nick, Sophie and Josh fled the city.  The twins feel that there is something Nick is not telling them.  There is a reason why he wants them to come with him.  They soon discover that there is a prophecy about twins.  That Nick believed it is about Josh and Sophie.   The prophecy states that there are twins which will either save or destroy the world.

While Dee allies himself with Bastet and the Morrigan,  Nick takes Josh and Sophie to Scathach and she helps get them to Hekate to awaken their magical powers.  Hekate awakens Sophie but before she can awaken Josh Dee, Baster and the Morrigan attack.  Hekate dies, but with the help of Perenelle (who is using magic from where they are keeping her) are able to get away.

They end up taking them to Scathach Grandma, the witch of Endor.  Who will help train Sophie.  They once again escape from Dee, but able to get away once more.

It is quite fast paced but it did not drag me in.   I do not know if I would have liked to more if I read it    when I was younger.  I enjoyed that they used current things like iPods as well as including historical references like the great fire of London and Alcatraz.  I also like how apart from Sophie and Josh the characters were based on a real person or figure.

I ended up giving this a 3.5/5

Have you read the Alchemyst? What did you think of it?


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